Parents Of Murdered Children
Delaware County, PA Chapter
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Guidelines for Living Memorial Gardens
1.All benches, bricks, and garden signs must be ordered through DELCO POMC.

2.DELCO POMC and it’s board of directors holds no obligation or responsibility for stolen or damaged items placed in gardens.

3.No objects are allowed that would hold standing water that could create a breeding place for insects.

4.No breakable items that would cause harm to humans or animals if broken.

5.No removing of trees or shrubs, natural vegetation is to remain intact. Any vegetation to be removed needs approval of DELCO POMC. Everyone must adhere to all Township regulations when visiting the Gardens.

6.No items of any kind over 34 inches tall are to be placed anywhere in the Gardens. The only exception being tasteful metal plant hangers.

7.No nails, screws, etc. are to be put in any of the trees. Nothing can be hung in or from the trees.

8.No painting the benches. It takes away from the overall natural look of our Gardens.

9.Everyone is responsible for their own Garden. Any garden not maintained for over one year will be considered abandoned. The owner will be notified and the garden will be given away if needed by another member.

10.We are trying to keep our Gardens as natural as possible……Please keep objects to a minimum, allowing everyone to view their garden without obstruction.

11.Scheduled clean-up days are everyone’s responsibility. Please make a genuine effort to be present for clean-up days. This is our Garden which is in memory of our Loved Ones.

12.When you see the trash receptacles filled, please, if you can, be considerate and take them up to the top of the parking lot for township collection.


When in doubt, please ask questions. Questions or suggestions may be directed to Marilyn Dougherty, Garden Coordinator, Delco POMC.